Part Trading

“Through vast network in the market and long experience in aviation field, we offer fast and trustworthy service to our customers”
We handle part purchase, consignments, allocation, brokerage with partners all over the world.

  • 01


    In Aircraft on Ground situation, company warehouse will be with in 1hour reach, capable of fast exchange, loan, outright purchase.

  • 02

    Market Sourcing

    Using our data and experience, we will provide wanted or urgently needed parts. With continuous research and assistance from our partners and network we will try to achieve fast and trustworthy results.

  • 03

    Initial Provisioning

    Aircraft components are very expensive and meeting AOC requirement is extremely expensive and difficult. With our sourcing ability, it will be possible to achieve same result, with less expense.

  • 04


    OEM makers continuously manufacture parts for aircraft. There will always be surplus components in the market. Aside from consignments and allocation stocks, we will continuously invest our profit in enlarging our stock by purchasing surplus parts in economical price.

  • 05

    Aircraft Part-Out

    When Aircraft finishes it last flight, it’s value is decreases, however parts are still operational. We aim to buy retiring Aircraft and remove parts that are still serviceable.

  • 06

    Pooling service

    Pooling service is meant to decrease the cost of Airlines maintaining RSPL(Recommended Spare Parts List) and its repair cost in order to increase its air worthiness we aim to